Plastic processing technologies

Plastics Processing Technologies

CANNON is able to provide complete turnkey solutions for high and low density polyurethane technology , epoxy and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) technologies, from the preforming of the reinforcement to the injection and metering of the chemicals. The dry and wet side of the production process can be perfectly integrated in a tailor-made solution for every customer’s need. 

Cannon designs, manufactures and sells anything from single stand-alone units up to complex, turnkey and customizable production plants to the following main industrial applications:

  • automotive interiors and exteriors
  • rigid insulation for the cold chain industry and complete refrigerators plant
  • building and construction insulation
  • furniture industry
  • piping insulation for oil and heating/water distribution
  • technical components and medical equipment
  • sealing and gluing for lightings and electrical enclosures
  • encapsulation and potting for electrical and electronic components
  • complete slabstock lines and chemical storage bulks


Polyurethane & Composites equipment Thermoforming machines Slabstock lines and storage bulk
Polyurethane machinery Cannon Thermoforming equipment complete slabstock lines and chemical storage bulks